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About Athena's Warriors

  Mission Statement  

Athena's Warriors is a robotics team dedicated to creating a diverse and passionate STEM workforce of both men and women. Students in Athena’s Warriors will be introduced to new concepts and information as they continue to explore both the engineering and business aspects of being on the team. Participating in Athena’s Warriors is equivalent to a college level engineering experience. Students will compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition each year along with community service projects made to educate the community on technology of the future.



  bullet Team Creation- How It All Started  

The idea for an all-girl participant team originated prior to the Connecticut Technology Counsel’s (CTC) Women of Innovation Gala in January of 2009. Sue Glasspiegel, the new regional director of FIRST, and Mike Sperber, of the FRC Steering Committee pitched the idea of an all-girl team to CTC and UTC, a company that funds new FIRST teams.

Over the next few months, CTC and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) helped Sue reach out to women in technology to become team mentors, and by July over 25 women expressed enough interest to be able to start encouraging students to join. It was decided to target girls from the Greater Hartford area from high schools not already participating in FRC. Invitations were sent to the teachers and administrators of target schools.

At the first meeting of the team the girls choose the name Athena’s Warriors and the colors of purple and silver, and their mascot as the owl. Athena was chosen because of she was the goddess of wisdom and war she was regarded of one of the strongest goddesses, her symbol was the owl.



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