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Team 3182 is currently made up of high school students representing two West Hartford, Conn. high schools. Team members build relationships with different backgrounds who they may not have necessarily met had it not been for the team. Team Mentors are industry professionals representing various industries and occupations. Working with these mentors provides team memebers with some of the first tastes of networking and helping them build connections that will help them as they go on to college, internships and eventually the working world.


Experience the entire engineering process with professionals from Pratt and Whitteney. You'll acquire problem solving skills and learn how to approach and respond to challenges. With many other teamates, you'll work together to construct various components for the robot.


You will learn how to wire the robot, and connect all the systems togeather to make a functioning final draft. Electrical pulls togeather mechanical and programing in an important and powerful way.


On programmimg, you'll learn, improve, and apply your coding skills to write the lines of commands that dictate how the robot will be controlled and moved.


Learn/improve business skills, graphic design, web editing, and communication skills. Most importantly, FIRST offers it’s members a sense of community. You learn and grow in a friendly environment.

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